1995 Kenneth E. Iverson Award to Donnelly, Scholes 
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 1995 Kenneth E. Iverson Award to Donnelly, Scholes

                          ACM SIGAPL

                is pleased to announce that the

 Kenneth E. Iverson Award for Distinguished Achievement in APL

                    is shared in 1995 by

                Peter Donnelly and John Scholes

        for their joint work on the Dyalog APL product line

                        DYALOG APL

Dyalog APL was the first full-function APL for Unix systems and among
the early commercial APL systems to support general arrays.  Developed
by a small team led by John Scholes and Geoff Streeter, it was first
demonstrated at APL83 in Washington, DC.  Other innovative features in
this interpreter included an interface to C programs, and external
variables.  In 1989, Dyadic Systems introduced Dyalog APL for DOS on
386 PCs, fully compatible with the Unix-based system, and introducing
a multi-window editor and de{*filter*}.  In 1990, the Unix product was
introduced in a version which could run under the X Windows system.
Shortly thereafter, they decided that the time had come for a true GUI
APL.  The first version of Dyalog APL/W for MS Windows, version 6.1,
was demonstrated at APL92 in St Petersburgk, Russia.  Version 6.3 for
Windows 3.1 was introduced in 1993, and a prototype for OSF/Motif
was demonstrated at APL93 in Toronto, Canada.  Version 7.0 of Dyalog
APL/W introduced namespaces into the PC product line, and the current
version, 7.1 introduced further GUI capabilities and refines the
namespace concept.

It is for this work that we honor Peter and John.

                        Peter Donnelly

Peter Donnelly was educated at St. George's College, Weybridge and at
Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, where he obtained a B.A. (Hons) in
Mechanical Engineering.  His professional career began at Roll Royce
Aero Engine Division, where he discovered that his real talent was for
programming, and he went on to work in the Operations Research group,
developing discrete simulation models and financial applications.

In 1974, Peter moved to WH Smith & Son, a large retailer, where he ran
into a Xerox APL interpreter, and was able to prototype a budgeting
system withing days, and to put the finished application into production
by the end of the year.

In 1977 Peter went to work for Dyadic systems, then barely one year
old.  There he workeed for six years as an APL consultant, designing
and implementing a variety of applications.  In 1984, Peter moved to a
sales and marketing role, but he still maintains a strong interest in
technical issues.  In 1990, together with John Scholes and Pauline
Brand, Peter purchased Dyadic Systems in a management buyout.

                        John Scholes

John Scholes received a B. Sc.(Hons) in mathematics from the University
of Manchester in 1969.  After receiveing this degree, John began his
professional career at ICL, and in 1971, he moved to the WS Atkins
Group.  After two years in the Operations Research Department, he moved
to Systems Support, where his duties included maintenance and
development of an APL interpreter.  In 1975, he moved to the Client
Support department, answereing queries, writing utilities, and giving
sales presentations and training courses specializing in APL.

After working in 1976-77 for the European Space Agency, John returned
to ICL, where he became a designer on the APL\2900 project, with
responsibility for language design, overall interpreter structure, and
the parser;subsequently he was appointed project leader.

In 1981, John joined Dyadic Systems Limited, where he helped to design
and write the Dyalog APL interpreter as Sogtware Development manager
and (after the managment buyout) as Technical Director.


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