memory managers & APL2/PC 
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 memory managers & APL2/PC

 Yesterday Phil Viton pointed out that IBM's 32-bit APL2/PC is not
 compatible with a number of memory managers, including QEMM and
 EMM386.  However it IS compatible with HIMEM, and that's enough
 to permit use of large workspaces (I generally manage around 3.5M
 on a 5M machine with a few small utilities loaded).

 Unless I'm missing something, this means you can use AGSS oon a 386 PC,
 but you may need to switch around AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.
 (The same is true of other major vendors' APLs, BTW).

 Nobody mentioned the barbaric ISPF-style user interface of AGSS; it's
 really a very powerful system, more-or-less comparable to StatGraphics
 in what it can do (and a LOT cheaper), but delivering end-user apps
 with what these days is a minimally acceptable interface (even in the
 character-oriented DOS world) would, IMO, require replacing the front
 end entirely.  Unless you have a good suite of screen driver utilities
 for APL2/PC handy, this would take a fair amount of work.

Sun, 14 May 1995 20:29:00 GMT  
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