Please read this... It may be of importance to you! 
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 Please read this... It may be of importance to you!

    This letter was sent to Bob Nightingale of Chrysler Motors.  If you have a Chrysler
    related product or know some one who does read the following.  After 01/06/97 You can check  my homepage on the subject at:


SCS Incorporated

December 23, 1996

Bob Nightingale
Chrysler Motors
Orlando, Fla.

Re: File # 3767661

Dear Mr. Nightingale:

        Please accept this as verification of our displeasure with the way Chrysler has skirted their responsibility to us as consumers. To recap; we bought a 1994 Grand Cherokee Limited lemon which is on its third transmission, third air conditioning system, second radiator, second battery, second transaxle, second master cylinder, etc.

   When we drove our "lemon" out of the Hollywood Chrysler dealer we noticed a steering pull to the right which our salesman said would be taken care of by the service department.
   The next day the service department said to bring it back after the break-in period and they would look at it. I soon couldn't stand it anymore and took the car to Tire Kingdom and paid for a lifetime warranty 4-wheel alignment. After taking the car back to them several times they said they could not do anymore and that the settings were per manufacturer's specifications. I took it to Potamkin Jeep-Eagle who during the next two years proceeded to do all the above referenced warranty work but could not fix the pulling problem. They continued to repair other items while telling me the right front pull was the tires, or the road or my imagination. However, they were never able to aligh the front end. Finally, I took the car to a frame shop who after realigning the car, measuring all the settings and thoroughly inspecting the
problem told me there was nothing they could do. They said they suspected that the problem was being caused by the four-wheel drive system,
 transaxle, or was a factory defect.

   Needless to say I've spent days and days of my time trying to correct a problem that I've now been told is an inherent problem with some 4X4 Jeeps and there is nothing that can be done about it.

   Frankly, I find it very difficult to believe that General Motors, Ford, Toyota, etc. can build 4X4's that can be aligned but Chrysler Motors can't!. Secondly, I find it an insult to the consumer that knowing the problem existed you continued to sell these cars to the unsuspecting public toting the car as "a vehicle which entered our hearts and our minds, fueled our imaginations and stirred our sould" when in effect they meant "fueled our pockets and stirred up our customers when they realized the junk we sold them".

   My wife, who's a lawyer, tried for months to have Chrysler address the problems with our "lemon" finally to be told by Mr. Dennis Orr in Detroit that there was nothing Chrysler could do. Before that my wife had dealt with several people in Orlando and was there told that Chrysler had many attorneys who were used to these kinds of complaints and that we "could go ahead and file any law suit we wanted". Well, it may yet be that the courtroom will also be another place where we stage our battle.

   Before we do, however, we have decided we would take our plight to the Court of Public Opinion! As you have been informed we have very tastefully inscribed on our Jeep "lemon" in day-glow colors some of the equipment failures we have encountered as well as our opinion of Chrysler quality control. We've alerted the public of our plight on a local radio station, we've purchased several hundred "Jeeps are Junk" bumper stickers which we intend to distribute to all Jeep owners who upon seeing the message on our Jeep are telling us about their problems.

   We have started demonstrating in front of your dealers and so far have been to Dade Jeep Eagle, Tamiami Jeep, Potamkin Jeep and Hollywood Chrysler-Plymouth. After we complete the rounds of South Florida dealers we intend to take a vacation and visit every dealer in the state.

   We have contracted a very creative costume maker who is now designing and manufacturing lemon consumes for me and my wife, which we intend to wear at all the demonstrations throughout the state. If that doesn't seem enough, let me tell you what else we are planning. This week we are hiring an Internet consultant who will perform the following services for us:

   1. E-mail our plight to every Chrysler enployee who has access to a computer.

   2. Make postings of our experience on every related newsgroup on the Internet.

   3. E-mail 100,000 people per day for the next 30 days or longer if necessary telling our story.

   4. Establish an Internet site with pictures of us wearing our lemon contumes next to our Jeep including our encouraging others with Chrysler lemons to insert their experiences giving all details of their vehicle and the dealers who sold them their cars on the site for all to read.

   5. Obtain a permanent domain name relating to Chrysler and Jeep which will portray our feeling about your product's quality and Chrysler's non-existent customer service.

   6. Introduce a "Jeeps are Junk, e-mail for more information" message on all IRC channels.

   7. Create a "Consumers abused by Chrysler" "club" on the Internet.

   8. Issue press releases on a regular basis as newsworthy events occur.

   As an encore, we are planning an event which will show us in an automobile wrecking yard, where we will place our Jeep "lemon" in a crushing machine in front of all the news media who care to cover the event. We will crush our Jeep into a square chunk of metal on live television and we will tape the event to be used when we do the daytime TV program circuit with our story. The last thing you will see on the tape is us leaving the wrecking yard driving a 4X4 made by one of your competitiors!.

   I suggest that Chrysler does not test my perseverence and RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM NOW!


William de la Sierra

cc:        All General Managers for Jeep dealers in Florida
        President, Jeep Motor Division

Mon, 21 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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