32-bit APL2/PC under Windows 
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 32-bit APL2/PC under Windows

> (... stuff deleted ...) it turns out that it's
> also possible to run the 32-bit interpreter under enhanced-mode  
> Windows.  A couple of auxiliary processors can't be loaded, and
> trying to use the EDIT2 editor brings the system down (... etc ...)  

Since then I've had a few requests to post the AUTOEXEC.BAT and
CONFIG.SYS files that I use, so here goes.      

Here are the important parts of the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files
I use when running Windows:


PATH C:\WINDOWS;C:\;  etc. etc....  <N.B. APL2 directory is not in the path>
... lots of other stuff


device=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE noems
files= 30

I run APL2/PC from a .pif file which calls the following batch file  
(which I call APL2WIN.BAT):


APL232 LL AP2 AP80 AP101 AP103 AP120 AP124 AP207 AP210 AP211 AP440
c:\apl2\APL2FONT /T

Although all these APs load up, I don't think that all of them can be used.
For example, I normally use the PROFILE ws (which reprograms the function
keys and which I believe requires AP120), but trying to include it on the
command line as I normally do (by putting the command )LOAD PROFILE at the
end of the list of APs) brings the system down.  Similarly, once you're in,
trying to execute the full-screen editor EDIT2 crashes the system. The
other, less sophisticated editor, EDIT, will, however, work.  I don't think
that any of the GRAPHPAK workspaces can be used either.  

Fiddling around with the .pif file settings didn't seem to affect anything
at all.  All I could get was about 1.8Mb of workspace area.  I'm not sure
how to get an ASCII listing of the .pif file to post here, but using the
default should probably work.  

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Mon, 01 Jan 1996 03:48:44 GMT  
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