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> Meaning of life?
> At an undefined point in time, somewhere far away in space, there was a
> which had the answers to all relevant issues - except for one remaining,
> annoying question: What is the meaning of life (and universe and
> everything)? They decided to build a huge computer to solve the problem.
> "Deep Thought" worked for seven million years, until it finally said it
> the answer ready. The men who had been briefed all since birth to receive
> the important answer, were warned by the Deep Thought that the answer
> perhaps was not exactly what they had been expecting, but hungry as they
> were to get the knowledge, they wanted to hear the answer - 42. The
> suggested, in it attempts to give the disappointed people some comfort,
> perhaps it went a bit wrong because the question was ill-formed in the
> place. And so they decided to build an even bigger computer to sort out
> correct question to the answer 42. That computer was in fact the earth,
> which was supposed to through evolution and development processes
> provide the "ultimate question". (Unfortunately, Earth was wiped out after
> 10 billion years of processing, just 5 minutes before finishing, by Vogon
> construction workers in order to make room for an inter-galactic traffic
> lane - but that's another story).
> (Book recommended)

Reminds me of the great philosopher who made an alomost impossible journey
to the sierras of the Orient. Once on top of one of the highest mountains
inside the monastery he ask a famous old priest what was the meaning of
life. The priest answered without hesitation that life is a grain of sand.
The philosopher retorted, "A grain of sand? You mean I came all the way up
here for you to tell me this?" The priest then answered, "You mean its not a
grain of sand?"

And a little off the subject:

One of the great theories of learning that I ran across was one, which said
that we are born with absolute and perfect knowledge. From the instant we
leave the womb, we begin to forget. So the process of learning is not really
learning, but remembering. I wish I could remember who said that!

Fred Honea

Sun, 06 Jul 2003 06:11:23 GMT  
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