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 APL2TEX - update

A few days ago I asked if anyone had got APL2TEX working.  A number of
people replied to me that they had, and reminded me that I need to transfer
the .atf file in binary mode.  As far as I can tell, that's not the problem.

I just logged on to Waterloo, and did two things: after setting the transfer
mode to binary I downloaded the CMS version of the APL2TEX transfer file,
and then (renaming it in the process) also downloaded the pc version.

Then in APL2:

The CMS version loads, except that APL2TEX is NOT COPIED. The workspace has
lots of functions and variables. Why APL2TEX didn't come in (and what it is)
I don't know.

I then did a )CLEAR and tried to )IN the pc version.  Same result as
before - empty workspace and

However, I seem to be making progress.  Is it possible that the Waterloo
files are damanged - particularly the pc ones?
And does anyone know an alternative source for APL2TEX?

Regards, and thanks to all who've responded!

Phil Viton
City Planning, Ohio State University, 190 W 17th Ave Columbus OH 43210

Tue, 30 Jan 1996 22:30:00 GMT  
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