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 APL on HP200LX

the following is crossposted from comp.sys.palmtops, (except of course AOL
can't cross post so you must cut and paste) in response to a query on APL
on the new Win-CE Palm tops. So how bout it APL2000 and Dyadic/Dyalog?
What about recompiling under WIn-CE?

APL2000 recently purchased the APL business from Manugistics, (the old
They have released PC/APL ver 10 into the public domain, (but no
documentation or util workspaces). This is "classic" APL, i.e. no nested
arrays. Some cool features though, like the user command processor, that
gives one a kind of "namespace" capability, (doesn't isolate function side
effects, but gives facility to

Jim Weigang offers something called APL Notes for about $25., It includes
a tutorial manual, the version 10 interpreter, and some cool utils,
including a full screen step thru de{*filter*}, a good graphics workspace,
etc. I've been meaning to purchase it for a while now, just to get the
graphics ws and the de{*filter*}. check out the APL FAQ or comp.lang.apl.

I run version 11 of PC/APL, (purchased just weeks before ver. 10 went
public domain :-( .  Have had no problems. I use software driven fonts.
There are 2 versions of the fonts, a truly cruddy 40 char wide version,
and a quite good 64 character wide version. The 40 character version
precludes use of any full screen quad functions.

The 200lx manual says that if you have a *.fon file, you can use keybez to
load it.
I've tried to load the various APL.fon files, but it hasn't worked out. If
I can figure it out then I'll be able to use the zoom key on the 200LX.

Both versions 10 & 11 of PC-APL can use EMM memory above 640k, and have a
kind of virtual memory swap file capability to a hard, (or in the case of
00lx, flash card) drive.

I've often thought that if I had a 200k disk cache above the dos5 640k
limit, and had that feed into an EMM on disk emulator on my flash card,
I'd have 80 percent of the throughput of real EMS, and I could have it up
to 15 or 20 MB. Any suggestions as to how I might do it?  


Tue, 15 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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