Archiving VSAPL workspaces 
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 Archiving VSAPL workspaces

Bruce Clarke,

All IBM's APL2 implementations support migration of VSAPL workspaces.

For the DOS, RS/6000 AIX, and soon to be available Sun and OS/2
products, simply download the VSAPL workspace in binary, )LOAD
the MIGRATE workspace and use the VSCOPY function to copy the
contents of the downloaded VSAPL workspace into the active workspace.

I don't know what kind of support Manugistics provides for VSAPL
workspaces.  I believe the do support IBM's .ATF transfer form,
so you could download, VSCOPY, )OUT and then read them in Manugistics

Unfortunately for you, of course not for us, you would have to have
a copy of one of our implementations to take this route.  (Our free
version, TryAPL2, does not include VSCOPY I think.)

David Liebtag
IBM APL Products and Services

Thu, 18 Apr 1996 03:21:39 GMT  
 Archiving VSAPL workspaces
I recently visited with Lew Robinson and he had the following
questions and comments about APL2 for the PC.

1) Quad DL hangs his 486. Is anyone else having this problem?
2) DOS 6 with EMM386 active does not like EXE files created
   with the applications packager producing RUN (32 bit) files.
   Anyone else run into this ? DOS 5 with EMM active works OK.

 -lew (-emmett)

Thu, 18 Apr 1996 13:00:55 GMT  
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