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 Homework helper (was "help!")

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Hi -

it's good to hear that someone has homework on APL.

My experience with where it's used is in the world
of finance - primarily in the more complex arenas of
modeling and forecasting.  The language is most useful
for exploring problems and developing new ideas, especially
at banks, brokerages and investment management firms.

To give more detail than this, I'd need to have some
idea of the sophistication of my audience.  By its
nature, APL is most well-suited for dealing with
complex problems.  This makes it hard to give a
realistic example that's also simple.

I have written a paper recently that might be more
accessible than many of the possible topics because
it deals with a rather trivial problem: choosing colors
in a palette.  I'll attach a copy
(McCormickAPL2001PaperFinal.zip).  Let me know if
you'd like to discuss it more.  I'll also attach a
font you'll need to read the paper (dlogttst.ttf).
The paper also refers to a language that's a descendant
of APL, called "J".  You can find out more about it
at " http://www.*-*-*.com/ ".

Let me know if you have any problems reading any of

Yours truly,

Devon H. McCormick, CFA


> My daughter has a homework on APL.She needs a simple sample
> instruction
> in APL and info on where the language is used nowadays (in
> non-technical
> terms). We've been on the net for hours so if there is some
> patient
> person out there who wouldn't mind helping ...please help.

> Nenette

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