Toronto APL SIG - November 21 - Medical Software Symposium 
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 Toronto APL SIG - November 21 - Medical Software Symposium

on Saturday, November 21 1998, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
room 1105, Sanford Fleming building,
Taddle Creek Road, University of Toronto              

   The Toronto APL SIG of the ACM and CITO present a symposium:

   "Challenges in Medical and Biotechnology Software"

Builders of software for medical & biotechnology applications face
special challenges, ranging from technical to commercial to regulatory. The
Special Interest Group for APL of the Association for Computing Machinery,
and CITO - Communications & Information Technology Ontario present a
symposium featuring 5 speakers actively involved in the creation of leading
edge medical software. Applications to be discussed include:

         - medical device manufacturing
         - medical imaging
         - robotics and laboratory automation
         - User Interface design
         - doctor credentialing

All speakers represent companies with actual, in-use,
commercial products. This symposium will be of interest to those
involved in information technology, engineering, biotechnology,
medical and pharmaceutical research, and health care.


Note to APL SIG members:

This symposium will bring together users of biotechnology and medical
software with the experts who create it. Please pass along this invitation
to others you think will be interested - it's by no means an APL-only event.

The brief summary above gives an overview. Abstracts and related
information may be found on the Toronto APL SIG website at:


  CITO website:   http://www.*-*-*.com/


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