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 APL96 Software Exchange

               The APL96 Software Exchange (SX)

SIGAPL invites you to send new and useful software to the APL96
Software Exchange.  The Software Exchange is a way to make your,
and your firm's, skills and products more widely known.  APL96
Software will be available in two ways:

   - The Conference Package: software received by April 1 1996
     will be available via FTP from watserv1.uwaterloo.ca by
     about July 1996.  APL96 SX disks will be mailed to APL96
     conference attenders who request them.

   - Year-round: APL96 software, including software received after
     4/1/96 will be available free on a year-round basis via FTP
     to watserv1.waterloo.ca, and from the BBS\APL, 703-528-7617,
     14.4kb, 24hrs ($US24 annual subscription).

Send software for the APL96 Software Exchange on a 3.5" disk to:
{*filter*} Holt, 3802 N. Richmond St. Arlington VA 22207 USA.  For

Software in APL, J, and other array languages is invited.  English
is preferred, and other languages are welcome.  Include an ASCII
read.me (lisez.moi, lis-mich.dok) file that describes what the
software does, and the software/hardware needed to use it.

If possible, please also include an APLASCII (v1.4) version of
your software (FTP to watserv1.uwaterloo.ca for the APLASCII for
your interpreter).

Include written permission to distribute any copyright software.
SIGAPL can't distribute copyright software without permission.

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