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I downloaded COMPLEX.QQ from WATSERV1 a week ago. When I read it, I saw very
strange punctuation, but this was to be expected. I also saw some lower ASCII
control characters, like the diamond in reverse video! on my IBM-PC. I assumed
that they were printer control characters, or would show up as APL glyphs.
         When I printed the file, however, nothing was cleared up. In fact,
all over the place letters, even words, were backspaced over, then overtyped.
Generally, the result is meaningless, though I thought I caught sight of "lamp"
comment characters. Besides this, I saw many cases of nested left angle bracket
         Am I missing something? Has this file been released in "rich text
format" or for a non-PC-DOS operating system? Should I only view it with a fil-
ter that annuls the ASCII 0 to 31's in there? A Rosetta Stone to the riddle of
ASCII transliteration would be most welcome!          --  Warren Vogt

PS. COMPLEX.QQ is an ASCII transliteration of COMPLEX.AWS, an STSC-APL-PLUS WS
stored in a languages/apl subdir. at WATSERV1, in the form of a .ZIP file. It
is said to be what keys you would hit if your PC were an IBM 360 APL terminal.
In other words IBM's APL2/PC is closest modern keyboard scheme to what this
file's literals represent. If it weren't for the irrelevant intrusions just
mentioned, it should be simple to utilize. Any suggestions?

Sat, 30 Dec 1995 12:44:45 GMT  
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Subject: COMPLEX.QQ : necessary adjustments for use by IBM's APL2

         In my last letter, I requested information on the following STSC-APL
system services, and on APL2 substitutes for them:

         Print , PrintInit , PrintC , []TCNL , []VR

         I forgot to include this one:  []DEF

         Advice on those is especially important, but easy substitutes for
these would also help:   []SYMB , []WSSIZE

         This information will be used to port a WS written in STSC-APL-PLUS to
IBM's TryAPL2. The result, a WS for complex mathematics with forty-seven pro-
grams, will be available on request or at an ftp site.

Tue, 02 Jan 1996 01:53:03 GMT  
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