APL*PLUS/PC Under Windows NT 4.0 
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 APL*PLUS/PC Under Windows NT 4.0

I'm trying to get this combination working, and I thought I would
contribute what little I have figured out, and see if anyone else has any
tricks they can share.

It basically works, but with a few quirks.  I run APLX.EXE from a batch
file which runs APLFONT.COM and APLPRINT.com to set up the screen font
and printer interface.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out
any way to get the batch file to run APL in full-screen mode.  The
properties box on batch files don't allow you to set this, and setting
things up under APLX.EXE doesn't work either.

When APL first comes up in a window, it can't run the regular APL font,
and when you switch to full-screen, you still have the regular non-APL
screen font.  I've discovered a 'fix' for this, which is to run the
following function:

[0]  NTINIT;scrn
[1]  {lamp}{del} NTINIT -- Initializes Windows NT to get APL Characters
[2]   scrn{gets}0 0 25 80 #WGET 3
[3]   0 0 {gets}0 #GINIT 0 {lamp} Resets screen to get APL characters in Win NT
[4]   #WPUT scrn

The screen will go blank, and then come back with the APL characters.  
Interestingly enough, running this BEFORE going to full screen really
screws up my display, and I get everything in a vertical double-image.  
This may be unique to my display card.  Running NTINIT after going to
full-screen fixes the problem.  I talked to APL*2000 support, and they
recommended running the APLFONT.COM using #CMD after APL was running.  
Unfortunately, if I try to do this in #LX in my start-up workspace, the
program is in window mode and I get the double-image problem.  Now that I
think about it, it's quite likely that it would work just as well as
NTINIT as long as you execute it AFTER you've gone to full screen mode.

#G-graphics.  I can print graphics screens, and capture them to the
clipboard for use in NT.

not sure if the LaserJet font download program is working OK, and I
haven't tried printing from within a function.  NT appears to intercept
Shift-Print Screen and Ctrl-Print Screen commands, and they do nothing.

APL2000 also claims that the keyboard buffer commands don't work under
NT.  Given that NT is notorious for keeping hardware and software
isolated, I'm not surprised.  Unfortunately, there are some really nifty
little functions I use that need this feature, but nothing crucial.

Well, that all I have to report for now.  Any suggestions (particularly
about getting APL to START in a full-screen mode) would be much
appreciated.  I'm still new to NT, and I haven't had time to really delve
into it's DOS operation.

Doug White

Sat, 19 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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