APL on the HP-100LX palmtop 
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 APL on the HP-100LX palmtop

I have two versions of APL running on the HP-100 as well as J

Manugistics APL v7
   Runs quite well.  You can have both the character set and the regular
   HP set.  You cannot zoom with the APL characters --at least I can't--
   which makes it a bit hard to read.  If you do not bring up the character
   set of APL you can ZOOM the screen.  Graphics leave a bit to be
   desired.  But all in all it is a pretty nice system

   Programming with out the APL characters is not that bad.  I can live
   with the ace of spaces as an assignment better than with =.

IBM APL2 16-bit version
   Had to get one with the character set internal to the .EXE file from
   IBM, but it runs just like on the PC.  You can ZOOM to a 14x40 screen
   and keep the character set.  --when you go back to the 25x80 screen they
   tend to go away.  The AP's seem to work at least the ones I have tried.
   Makes an impressive demonstration insturment.

   The IBM APL2 characters are much more readable than the ones from

J v7
   Runs, but is just as complicated as the on the PC

To run the APL's you should terminate all your psudo windows applications
from the main menu or you will have very limited {quad}WA

For a low cost version of APL I would suggest the one that comes with
"APL Notes" by Jim Weigang  You are limited to 64K objects, but remember
the HP-100LX is a little machine.

John R. Clark

Wed, 02 Apr 1997 21:49:24 GMT  
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