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 APL97 - Software Exchange

I am reposting this message as I have not seen it on my newsreader.

In any case, it bears repeating for those who may not have seen it.

I have already received requests to reserve space on the APL97 CD-ROM
from potential contributors. At this point I am particularly
interested reaching more potential contributors, including companies
who would be interested in providing their current freeware APL
interpreter (if any) on the APL97 Software Exchange.



APL97 - Software Exchange

APL97, the International Conference on APL
Toronto, Canada, August 17-20, will make available
a software exchange using CD-ROM technology.

The APL97 organizing committee will produce the
Conference Proceedings on a CD-ROM, to be handed out in
the registration package. The Software Exchange will use
part of this CD-ROM.

Who can contribute?

  Anyone. You don't have to be an attendee at the conference.

What can you contribute?

  Any software or documentation appropriate to the conference
  which has no copyright restrictions, for example:

  - companies can provide their latest freeware interpreter
  - researchers/teachers can provide papers or notes they
    would like to share
  - presentations and papers are welcome from people who
    wanted to present at APL97 but could not make it onto
    the program
  - anyone can share a favourite program they wrote
  - anyone can submit a copyright-free article they wrote,
    which they would like to distribute to the conference
  - anyone can submit material that would ordinarily be a
    POSTER at a conference
  - be creative, use this CD-ROM conference opportunity to
    YOUR best advantage
  - any Array Processing Languages software (APL, J, NIAL, etc.)
    are encouraged for the exchange

Will there be any qualification of submissions?

  There will be no qualification of material; nor will there be
  any testing of material, other than basic verification that it
  was received in good order.

What format is requested?    

  Put everything in ONE folder; include a text file called
  README.TXT which explains (or points to a document which
  explains) how to use the material. Use whatever format and
  internal organization you require to present your material
  to its best advantage.  Compressed format (e.g. ZIP) is not
  required. Note: We are providing standard readers for Word,
  Acrobat Reader, etc. so you don't have to provide those

Any size restrictions?

  Recommended limit of 5 Megabytes per application! We have
  lots of space. Large or small, we take it all.

Last date to reserve space on the Software Exchange:

  July 10, 1997.

How to reserve space:

  To RESERVE space on the CD-ROM, please send a note as soon as

  (1) your name
  (2) brief description of material (one to three lines is
  (3) interpreter(s) or compilers required
  (4) (if over 5 megabytes) estimate of amount of space required

If there are any questions or concerns, do not hestitate to

any issues accordingly.  

To SUBMIT material - After reserving space on the CD-ROM, you will be
sent a message explaining how to submit your material.  

On behalf of the APL97 organizing committee, I invite every
interested person or organization to make use of this unique
opportunity to exchange software and/or documentation about
APL, J, and other array languages.

Richard Levine
APL97 Software Coordinator

Sat, 25 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 APL97 - Software Exchange

>APL97 - Software Exchange

>APL97, the International Conference on APL
>Toronto, Canada, August 17-20, will make available
>a software exchange using CD-ROM technology.

>Richard Levine
>APL97 Software Coordinator

The Software Exchange is completed for APL97.

I wish to thank all those who sent in software or papers, and all
those who expressed an interest or gave suggestions.

The Software Xchange is only a small part of the APL97 CD-ROM. It
promises to be an interesting part of the APL97 Conference, and will
be given as part of the registration package.

My personal opinion is that the Software Xchange complements the
availability of papers and distribution of a continuing and
"evergreen" APL/J/NIAL software exchange on the Web, and in effect
supports and promotes that endeavour.

Thanks again to all who participated for this year's APL97 conference
software Xchange.


Tue, 18 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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