Migrating APL+DOS to APL+WIN 
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 Migrating APL+DOS to APL+WIN

The standard recommendation for migrating APL+DOS to +win
is that an application that has a lot of quad wput, wget,,,
should be redesigned and rewritten. This was difficult for a
client who had an APL app with a lot of QuadW.. activity, a population
of DOS users who didnt want to change and a need to continue
development of the APL app while dos to win conversion was in progress.
We have written a set of APL functions (about 400 lines of APL)
that replace the Quadw,,, and quad mouse etc functions and let the
application be migrated instantly.
The trick is that there is a main picture window that the user
thinks they are interacting with and a separate hidden window
that handles the keystrokes and mouse actions. On a 200MHz Pentium
the performance hit is negligible.
We have only tested the functions our client needs, and the approach
and the APL code are practical not elegant.
If anyone thinks the migration functions useful they should contact us.

Richard Hill
Adaptable Systems,   Melbourne, Australia  
Tel: Internat+61 3 9555 7222  Fax: Internat+61 3 9589 3220

Wed, 11 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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