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 Book Sale - APL Books and others

The following message is forwarded from{*filter*} Holt, Sysop of the
BBS\APL, a Computer Bulletin Board System specializing in APL.
This message is being forwarded as a service to the APL community:

Note that if you are outside the U.S., he will probably have to
add about US $2 per book in additional postage.

I`m running a book auction.  What am I bid?  I've learned what I need to
learn from these books, and I want to move to a smaller house.  I hope that
others may be able to enjoy them as much as I have.

*** Minimum bid (to cover postage and handling), $US5 (each):

APL85, APL86, APL87, APL88, APL89, APL90, APL91, and APL92 Conference
Procedings (400 pages, more or less).

APL-CAM Journal 4/89, 10/91, 1/92, published by the Belgian APL-CAM
Users Society.  About 200 pages.  About 1/3 English, 1/3 French, and
1/3 Dutch (occasionally some German).   Test your language skills.

IEEE Videoconference Proceedings on Neural Networks, 1989. (not APL)

APL as a Tool of Thought: NY/SIGAPL Conference Proceedings, 1991

APL Advanced Techniques & Utilities, Bergquist, 488 pages (disk is
downloadable from the BBS\APL).

Sharp APL Reference Manual, Berry, 1979, 344 pages

A Catalog of Selected Images of Viking Orbiter Images (of the surface
of Mars), NASA, 399 pages (not APL).

Quote Quad: The Early Years, 465 pages

*** Minimum bid $US3.00 each: Books by Ken Iverson:

        An Introduction to APL for Scientists & Engineers, 26 pages
        Elementary Analysis, 218 pages
        APL Language Reference Manual for Self-Study, 128 pages
        APL in Exposition, 35 pages
        APL and Insight, 89 pages
        Introducing APL to Teachers, 25 pages
        Algebra, a New Treatment, 61 pages


*** Other material: minimum bid $US3.00:

Session Tutorials for APL87 (141 pages) & APL89 (42 pages)
Probability in APL, Alvord, 142 pages
The 4 Cube Problem, McDonnell, 27 pages
Calculus in a New Key, Orth, 286 pages

*** Borland SPRINT Word Processor, complete, mimimum bid $US8.00

How do you bid?  Just send me a public message to

Or Log on here on the BBS\APL.  To Log on call +1 301 384 3672

State your book choice and your bid.
The auction lasts 30 days.  I'll keep bidders posted.
I'll sell batch lots by negotiation.  Let's haggle.

Wed, 15 Feb 1995 11:43:24 GMT  
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