UseNet news to listserv gateway for comp.lang.apl moving [No 
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 UseNet news to listserv gateway for comp.lang.apl moving [No

> To confirm:  If we wish batched digests, we send the message
> only after 2 September, or at another time?

Sorry, I meant to say explicitly that you could switch to listserv
digest at any time.  If you do it before the switch over, then you
will get a listserv digest containing the existing batch and any
additional postings directly to the list until the switch and
thereafter, the batch posting will be replaced by the individual
articles batched by listserv rather than my code.

It's your choice.  You may elect to set your subscription to a
digest at a later date if you wish to see how much of an inconvenience
it is to receive individual messages.  The comp.lang.apl news group
is not what I would call a high activity group.

Sat, 16 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 UseNet news to listserv gateway for comp.lang.apl moving [No
The University of New Brunswick is moving its UseNet news server
from the SPARC 1000 server that has hosted it to a dedicated system.
The SPARC 1000 server is a multi-purpose system and it is hoped that
by moving news off the system we can extend its useful life for a
few more years.

In addition to moving to dedicated hardware, the UseNet news software
is being upgraded to a relatively recent version of INN and all the
locally written scripts have been reviewed and revised.

One change will affect this list specifically.  It has been decided to
remove the batching capability from the script which accumulates news
postings and sends them to listserv.  Since listserv has its own "digest"
capability, we decided that it was not worth the effort to duplicate the
functionality, especially since, in a survey several years ago, close to
half the respondents indicated they would rather receive articles in a
more timely fashion and did not want articles batched.

Effective Thursday morning (Sept 2, 1999), the new server will take over
production news work.  The service on the old server will be phased out
since not all our peer feeds have switched over as yet.  You will probably
receive one last batch using the old format Thursday midnight to pick up
any articles received early Thursday before the swith over.  You may
receive some duplicate postings, however, I hope these will be minimal.

If you wish to continue receiving the apl-l articles in mostly daily

   set apl-l digest

The listserv digest is formatted somewhat differently than the existing
batch script so you may have to adjust any automation you may have in
place to handle the postings.  You will at least be dealing with a more
common digest format that the gateway script has been generating.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope this is sufficient notice.

Sat, 16 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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