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 APL Conference registration fee


>(The registration fee should be waived or reduced for "first-timers".)


>Why?  This is like an inverse frequent flyer program? The less often you
>come, the cheaper it is?

I think this might be important, so I'll reply:

Yes just like promotions in any other business--get people hooked so they'll
pay more later in greater numbers.  It is very painful for a young person
especially to pay $400 registration on top of everything else.  I have been
APLing for a long time (you can see I love APL) but APL93 was the first one
I could afford, because (1) my boss paid for most of it; (2) I drove >10 hours
each way to keep expenses down; (3) hotels in Toronto were _very_ reasonable;
and (4) I was a poor postdoc, no longer a poor grad student.  I recommend
discounting the fees for first-timers (not only students but other
"enthusiasts") who otherwise cannot afford it (i.e. not company-paid).
That, plus help to arrange room-sharing and ride-sharing should hopefully
bring in more new attendees.

The European ones are basically out of the question.  Remember $t.Petersburg?


>That was my first trip too. I could only afford one day, but at least
>got the proceedings without having to wait six months. If the rules
>for fees is changed, it should apply to "second-timers", too :-)

Maybe just a slight discount :-)  

Amazing thing just happened: APL94 proceedings!!!


>It's VERY hard to figure out how to charge fairly for a conference.
>ACM looks VERY unhappily at SIGAPL if we Lose Money on a conference,
>and the conference is the only thing that makes any money for the SIG.
>ACM eats large chunks of dues. See financial statements for last few
>years. ACM is getting hungrier, but other choices are even less

Absolutely true.  Nevertheless, $400 is pretty high for a non-APL-professional.
(That's it--$50 undergrad or below; $100 grad student; $200 enthusiast;
$400 APL professionals who "deduct"; $600 APL kingpin :-)

>To give you an idea of how dicey these things are, ONE WEEK before APL93
>was to occur, we were projecting a $80000 LOSS on the conference.

Wow.  I'm sure many east coast people just decided to drive up to Toronto...

>As it turned out, we ended up with a $20000 profit,

Hey, how about a "rebate" in the form of discount coupons for APL95?
(That's it--one has to keep going to them to get coupon for the next one :-)

>but you can see
>that there's no way to predict how many walk-ins you'll get, in spite
>of offering cheaper registration rates for early applications, etc.

APL93 was GREAT, Bob.

Wed, 19 Mar 1997 05:17:24 GMT  
 APL Conference registration fee

A corollary of that, is I have _never_ seriouly considered submitting a paper.
What if it got accepted?  I, and I'm sure tons of others, simply cannot make
the financial commitment to attend an APL conference, especially so many months
ahead.  So no submission.

A question came up before, whether there should be a refereed APL journal
(other than Vector).  The Quote-Quad does not seem willing/able to publish long,
substantial pieces, especially of a controversial nature.  I (and many others)
would like to see Vector gain wider circulation in the U.S. and become that
"refereed journal".  It is 144 pages per issue, full of meat and guts.  I might
collate what I've written here and send it off...  Can I quote you guys?

Wed, 19 Mar 1997 13:36:21 GMT  
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