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 Y K ? / CoSy-NoteComputing @ 0112

For the interest of those of you who may be interested ,
I have appended my current  K.CoSy  newsletter .

Bottom line , I have uploaded an introduction to the structure of  K  
to   http://www.*-*-*.com/


Why have I moved from ancient flat APL , skipping the great modern nested
APLs , all the way to the youngest , most independently minded evolute of
this language family ? What are differences , the pros and cons of K versus
other APLs and Ken Iverson's own evolute J ?

The first part of the answer , a discussion of and introduction to the
structure of  K , is now available at   http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;
A number of screen images of  K.CoSy  illuminate the concepts presented .

I have now been working with  Kdb  co-resident with  K.CoSy  .  No problems .
Having Kdb ambient , I can look at its 671 objects with 595 unique names
" from the side " , if you if you will , and hope to avoid a lot of redundant
work , and maximize compatibility . For instance , I have started using
Kdb's  .d.ds  and  .d.sd  to convert timestamps to and from Kdb's format .
( Kdb's time handling functions are what I most covet . I know there's a lot
of brilliant experience there . )

So far , I have worked thru sequences to export dictionaries from  K.CoSy
in the form of  .kdb  database files , and vise versa .
I have been reminded of the virtues and limitations of the relational model ,
ordered or not , which I have not dealt with since rewriting Xerox's WW
forecasting system when I first came east back in 1980 .
While it provides a useful discipline , it far more limited than  K's  natural
hierarchical structure , made ambient by  K.CoSy .

Life is getting more back to normal here at Peck Slip , tho I'm worried
Con Ed may have designs on the wall holding their Haas tromp l'oeil mural of
the Brooklyn Bridge which has graced my view all these years . I've uploaded
a picture of what's happening to   http://www.*-*-*.com/

Til next time ,  Hoping happy holidays  for all .


 Bob Armstrong -- http://www.*-*-*.com/ -- 212-285-1864
    K.CoSy Rapid Quantitative Modeling
       language and consulting
 ( Edition 1 ( origin 0 ) now available )
       2001/12/03 11:28:17

Sat, 22 May 2004 02:51:47 GMT  
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