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 J + Linux

I am new at Linux but I like it already.

I have not been able to spend as much time on this as I want but I have managed to get started all right.

I have tried out enough to know I will be able to do what I want.
I have installed Linux on my Laptop and on an ordinary PC with a CD.

Made contact with the CD, the discette and the Zip drive.

I have W95 as well as Linux on both the Laptop and on the PC
so I will be able to get the best of both worlds as I am able to share
files between both Linux and W95.

That obviously means that I will be able to use either environment
for what it is best at.

I have been looking at the installation of Linux with more critical eyes
from a new users point of view in order to learn from it and possibly share it with others.

Once I got over the initial barrier it was really very good.

The barrier was not at all that high and the information was all there
even if some of it was a little bit too well hidden for an initial glance.

So the only real problem was not that the information was not there but
rather that for an absolute new beginner it might have taken a bit longer
to cross this little barrier and an unexperienced and not very deicated user
might have given up before finding out enough to be able to find out and
learn all the rest.

It is pretty much the same story as I have been seeing happening
regarding APL and J year after year.

This is slowly changing and we are getting better and better at this
every year and the barriers are getting smaller every year.

The installation of J305 and the tutorials that come together with the
W95 part of J is becoming a model for ease of use and learning.

All the pointers and critic of J being hard to learn and the initial steps
being hard has had its effect.

The support for J has become exceptional because of the willingness
of the support team to adapt to the users needs it has proven to be a
model for the rest of the APL community to follow.

As I mentioned earlier then I now have J running in two environments
on the same machine.

I can share the code between these environments.

I can write things in one environment use what ever editor I like and
I can run the code without changes in either one.

I can send my problem and the solution can be sent too in a readable form to c.l.a.

I have followed the development of APL for 25 years and I have to say
that many years I have been worried for the future of APL
and the lack of understanding by the support companies.

But not any more.

J is well positioned in many environments and bringing an exceptionally
competitive product to the world.

Even APL2 is coming forth into the Windows environment besides being
among the best in the environments where it has previously excelled in.

So I do not think I need to worry about the future of APL.


Fri, 07 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 J + Linux


> [..] has very little to guide the eye, due to its lack of the use of
>concise graphical symbols



> [..] that many years I have been worried for the future of APL
> and the lack of understanding by the support companies.

I don't think it depends that much on companies (nor on keyboards), it's
the notation that matters, whether this is in APL, J or K characters. It's
just a stage in the evolution from a descriptive to a symbolic way of
written communication, of which we are - by accident - the observers. That
it runs on a computer is not special. On what on earth else would it run?
The above mentioned being one of the reasons I hope changing the meaning of
the acronym into "Array Processing Language" would be restricted to the
APL97 activity only. I hope, for the  future, we'll return to the ingenious
and ultimately general name "A Programming Language" (who could change it

Bjvrn cont'd

> So I do not think I need to worry about the future of APL.

I never did.
It's already adopted as a notation by prominent theoreticians.

Jan Karman

Sun, 09 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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