APL2/PC display font problem 
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 APL2/PC display font problem

I happen to have a small project that I am using APL2/PC on (APL is
generally forbidden around here now).

I recently got a new PC with a nice SVGA monitor, so thought I could
take advantage of the small display font in APL2/PC which I had
not used before.  However I ran into weird problems.  IBM APL2 support
did not have any suggestions, does anyone else know what's going
on here?

Using APL2/PC 1.02 --

At first I couldn't even get the large font to work.  The APL2FONT
without switches (default) program turns the display into a full screen
of gibberish.  APL2FONT /T restores the display.

I discovered that the /B switch worked.  The manual (p.15) says this is
25 line font for an IBM PC or PS/2 display adapter.  My PC is not an IBM
machine and I do not have this adapter.  Actually, my previous machine
was a PS/2 70 with this adapter, but APL2FONT worked without /B there.
(Why does /B work on a non-PS/2, but I didn't need in on a PS/2?
Also, /B is only mentioned in the manual; "APL2FONT ?" for APL2/PC and
for TryAPL2 does not show this switch.  ?)

/S, /H, /E do not work on my new PC (S and H produced readable standard
characters -- /S with a small font -- but no APL characters).

I tried using the APL code page support as described in appendix E.  I
didn't find any mention of how to select the small font.  When I used
MODE CONS LINES= it will switch to the small font ONLY for DOS, but when
I enter APL the session comes up with the large 25 line font instead.


Sat, 06 Sep 1997 03:32:10 GMT  
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