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 APL2OS2 tutorials


One of my on going projects over the past few years has been the
writing of interactive tutorials on APL. Most recently I have
been upgrading the tutorials on APL2 (PC version) to the APL2OS2
version. This has turned out to be a bigger task than expected.
OS2 and APL2OS2 are so intertwined that to learn how to use
effectively APL2 requires familiarity with OS/2. Furthermore, the
auxiliary processors of APL2OS2 have been changed so much that my
previous tutorial workspaces have to be practically re-written.
As of now there are seven APL2OS2 tutorial workspaces more or
less in a state of completion (though I find it necessary on
occasion to update them on the basis of my ever increasing
knowledge of OS2).

TEACH41     Introduction to APL2OS2; installation, defining
            libraries, Session Manager, Session Log, Session
            Editor; pull down menus, modifying the keyboard,
            fonts, colors, F-keys.
TEACH42     Introduction to shared variables; Auxiliary
            Processors; Shared Variable Commands; "SVOFFER",
            AP100 (OS/2), AP101 (Stack processor)
TEACH43     File processors, AP210, AP211.
TEACH44     Full screen Auxiliary Processor (AP124)
TEACH45     Introduction to the universal graphics Auxiliary
            Processor (AP207); Parameters, "pels", keywords,
            DRAW and MOVE.
TEACH46     (AP207 continued); aspect ratio; "window" and
TEACH48     GRAPHIC FONTS (incomplete)

I have just finished editing workspace TEACH41 following
suggestions from my colleagues. This workspace is available as
a zipped file named TEACH41.ATF. I will e-mail it to anyone
interested as a MIME file (file size is a little over 20K).

Sun, 20 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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