SIGAPL Executive Committee reorganization 
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 SIGAPL Executive Committee reorganization

Within the past month, the Executive Committee of ACM SIGAPL has
undergone substantial reorganization.  

Early last fall, Stuart Yarus, the elected Vice-Chairman, resigned;
at the end of February, the elected Chairman,Dick Bowman also
resigned.  This left the SIGAPL EC with only one elected officer plus
the three members at large, the past Chariman, and appointed
members.  The EC subsequently recommended appointment
of new officers, and the appointments have been approved by the
ACM SIG Board.  The new makeup of the SIGAPL EC is:

  Chairman, Mike Kent  

  Vice-Chairman, Robert Bernecky

  Treasurer, David Siegel

  Member-at-large,{*filter*} Holt

  Member-at-large, David Weintraub

  Member-at-large, (vacant)

  Past Chairman, Lynne Shaw

  QQ Executive Editor, Ray Polivka

  QQ Production Editor, JonMcGrew

  Conference Coordinator, Bob Brown

  Information Director, Kirk Iverson

  Recording Secretary, Curtis Jones

// Mike Kent, Chairman, ACM SIGAPL

Thu, 17 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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