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 APL/! (APL slash bang)

APL slash bang                                DRAFT 31 December, 1991

I would like to propose an ASCII rendition of APL, to be called
APL/! (a pun on APL\?, itself a pun on APL).  In this scheme, ASCII
symbol combinations that are visually appealing are assigned to
functions that are most commonly used, subject of course to rules
of consistency and operator ambivalence.  In particular, APL's two
Greek letters rho and iota are transliterated to slash / and bang !.
There are two adverbs, a pre-modifier tilde ~ signifying oppositeness,
and a post-modifier dot . signifying extension.  A longer note on the
motivation and design of APL/! will be submitted later.

Logical and Comparison:    
  ~. not   ^. and   v. or      ~^. nand    ~v. nor
  = equal  < less   > greater  ~= unequal  ~< not less  ~> not greater
Structural (shaping, slicing, transposing, shifting):
  , ravel, catenate   / shape, reshape   | take  ~| drop   \ transpose  
  -. reverse, rotate (row-wise)  +. (column-wise)
  ! initial segment of indices, index of   ? membership
  /. compress, reduce (cumulate)   \. expand, scan (partials)
  ~/. ~\. (column-wise)            # execute  ~# format
  (.f.) outer product   (f).(g) inner product
  + plus   - negative, minus   * sign, times   % reciprocal, divide  
  ^ power  ~^ logarithm
  <. floor, min  >. ceiling, max   ~<. grade up  ~>. grade down
  *. factorial, choose   %. invert matrix, solve   ?. roll, deal


  =. assignment   -> branch   <> statement separator   <>. o} comment
  & delta  &. delta-underscore   ~& del (define function)  ~&. lock
  ;  :  [ ]  ( )  '
Initials for Extended APL:
  c. enclose  ~c. disclose   o. box (objectify)  ~o. open

Some familiar idioms:
  /A "shape A"    //A "rank A"   (/B)/A "B-conform A"
  !10 "initial ten"    !/A "indices A"   B!A "B-indices A"
  ((!/A)=A!A)/.A "A minus duplicates"
      [indices A equal A-indices A, subset A]
  +/.^.\. "find first zero" [cumulative-add all-one left-partials]
  +/.^.\.-.' '=A "count trailing blanks"
      [find first zero, backwards, in space-equal-A]
  (-+/.^.\.-.' '=A)~|A "A minus trailing blanks"
  (-+/.^.\.-.' '=A)-.A "right-justify A"  
      [row-wise circular shift, trailing blanks to front]
  (!10)(.*.)(!10) "ten-by-ten multiplication table"
  A(+).(*)B "matrix product"   A(<.).(+)A "shortest paths, one stop-over"
  ->(COND)/LABEL [goto LABEL if COND]
  ->(CONDS)/.LABELS [goto LABEL corresponding to first true COND]

William I. Chang, Ph.D.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
100 Bungtown Road, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

Sat, 15 Jul 1995 23:43:51 GMT  
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