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 APL2 Seminars

I'd like to invite you to a presentation where I will discuss the newly
announced IBM APL2 products and show how they can be used in
a client-server environment I will also address the future of APL
and give a demonstration of APL2 for OS/2.

The presentations will be held at the following locations:

Toronto - sponsored by the Toronto SIGAPL

      City: Toronto
      Date: Monday, May 16
      Time: 6:30PM
  Location: IBM
            Aetna Tower
            79 Wellington St. West
      Room: 302-303 (third floor)

Chicago - sponsored by the Chicago Area APL Users' Group

      City: Chicago
      Date: Thursday, May 19
      Time: 1:30PM
  Location: IBM
            One IBM Plaza
            330 North Wabash Ave.
      Room: 2714

If you are not a member of the APL interest groups and are interested
in on-going APL activities, membership information will be available at
the meeting.

At each meeting, someone will win complimentary copies of "APL2 for OS/2
Entry Edition" and "OS/2 for Windows".

There is no charge for attendance. You do not need to register in

I hope to see you at one of these events.

Jim Brown

Mon, 21 Oct 1996 06:52:19 GMT  
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