Improved APL? 
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 Improved APL?

Some of us don't think that the latest Chevy Cavalier tin box is an actual
improvement over , say, a 57 Bel-Air.

And when I got the money, I bought a 1955 XK150, not the latest "doctors
wife" Jaguar XJS.

whatever J is, it aint APL, which is not to say I'm not interested in new
languages. If I can ever  get my hands on Whiyney's "K" i'd be very

 And yes,  I've heard the "walk in the woods" story of how Arthur and Ken
chated up the kernel of J in an afternoon, and I'm still not interested in

Sure Whitney wrote "k" and was part of the genisis of "J", but my interest
is only in "K". Kind of like my XK150 vs XJS analogy above. I swore I'd
never buy a british car, but some things are just too sweet to ignore.


Tue, 15 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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