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I was listening in on a presentation of Oracle 8i.

It is strange to see such a deja vu. They are introducing now something,
I have learned to live with for years within APL as a common thing, as
if it was something they created yesterday.

Why is it that when a low tech company comes up with a small new
feature everyone flocks around and says wow !!

All the while we in the APL community are busy fighting over some
silly small issues and forget about all the great stuff we do have
and let these other silly guys steal our old ideas and present
them as new and make millions out of them.

Even with all the new features which by the way are still in Beta
and may not reach the market until late this year they are not even
ten percent of what old IPSA databases were years ago !!!

One thing though I have to say was impressive. QBE which is identical to
what IBM tried to present years ago under the same name except that
this stuff seems to work and it is working together with the web as
well. Then again QBE in IBM was not APL.

They are including Java in the belly of Oracle too. So it is beginning
to look a lot like a very very poor cousin to good old IPSA which
had a huge database with a computer-language in its belly called APL.

It is quite funny when they are talking about the issues of converting
dataformats between what is in Oracle native and what Java recognizes.
It should really have been J they included there in the middle of
Oracle. Then I would have been impressed.

A multidimensionaldatabase and a superior Language inside a good
marketing organisation. That sounds like J......


Tue, 07 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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