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 APL Code Conversion

Hi APL gurus:
        I am a newbie to the APL group, but have a question for you eperienced
APL hackers out there. Have been looking for a way to convert APL code to some
form of a well recognized OOP language (Don't ask me why :) ).
 Question 1: Is this possible, or am i whistling in the wind ?
 Question 2: How can this be approached ?
 Question 3: Is anybody willing to help out with this ?


I am willing to pay very handsomely for well thought out answers/consultation.
If you are a consultant/organization, call me at this address. We'll talk $s.
Please no flames if this is a stupid request, I've a flamethrower too ;)

                                                                Adarbad Master
All my opinions belong to the company,
they pay well for 'em.

Wed, 28 May 1997 00:52:58 GMT  
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