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This request for information (RFI) is directed to those interested
in tools, e.g. utility functions, useful building blocks, program
development tools, common subroutines, etc.

I am collecting functions and ideas for a proposed new
toolkit.  I plan to present a Poster on this subject at APL93.

Before the conference, I would appreciate hearing from
anyone who has suggestions for tools that would be useful for a

This request for information is fairly general; however, here are
some specific ideas for comments:

(0) Think of tools that are possible within the ISO-standard
framework (e.g. I am not dealing with tools for Windows, graphing,
or file-handling in this Poster.)

(1) Suggestions for improvements to functions you have used from the
Toronto Toolkit and other toolkits (e.g.
better performance for tools; better workspace describe tools;
additional character manipulation features, etc.)

(2) Suggestions for new functions that you have not seen in the
Toronto Toolkit and other toolkits (e.g.
additional ISO-standard program development and analysis tools)

(3) Pointers to existing toolkits that in your opinion are of high
quality (this is really helpful to avoid "re-inventing the wheel")
(e.g.  VSAPL XREF package, Sharp APL LOGOS
system, FINNAPL Idiom list, APL2 Idiom workspace, several existing
statistical and plotting packages, books such as those by Adrian
Smith, Gary Berquist, etc.  - there are others - these are just

(4) Mention functions that you have used from the Toronto Toolkit or
other toolkits that you found particularly useful.  (e.g.  script
functions, workspace documentation tools, box and unbox functions,
timer functions, date handling, report formatting tools, etc.)

(5) Pointers to other tool-building projects that are currently
underway.  (For example, I am aware of{*filter*} Bowman's efforts at
tools for bridging APL differences, as reported in January 93 in
this newsgroup.  Again this information is helpful to avoid
"duplicating effort".)

I know this is a big subject, but I am not expecting people
to take a lot of time on this.  I believe a small amount of
information in a short message can really be quite useful (:>) !!
 I suggest you take 5 minutes and send me suggestions for three (3)
functions (one or two sentences per suggestion).  I am sure that
the combined list of comments would be very helpful to everyone
interested in this topic.

So that everyone can benefit from this exercise, I will summarize the
results of this RFI for comp.lang.apl.  If you have any questions,
please feel free to message me directly.

Thank you in advance for your time, and I look forward to seeing you
at APL93.

R. Levine

Tue, 26 Dec 1995 13:24:00 GMT  
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