Input/output routines in Visual J3 using forms 
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 Input/output routines in Visual J3 using forms

There was someone sending in a question earlier on how to create
input/output routines in J

I made a very simple example here on an input/output window for use
with J3


NB.  Example input/output window

NB. WPINPUT is a noun containing the description of the form
WPINPUT=: 0 : 0
pc input closeok;pn "Jod gluggi";
xywh 10 10 124 60;cc em editm ws_border ws_hscroll ws_vscroll;
xywh 229 11 36 14;cc close button;cn "Loka";
xywh 10 76 287 14;cc edit edit ws_border es_autohscroll;
pas 10 4;pcenter;
rem form end;

NB. button to close the window
input_close_button=: wd bind 'pclose'

NB. create the startup verb
inputdemo=: input_run

input_run=: 3 : 0
wd 'pshow'

NB. When the user has typed into the edit line and pressed enter
NB. the following verb starts
input_edit_button=: 3 : 0
  try. em=.":". edit NB. edit contains the input from the user
  catch. NB. If the user made an error we catch the error
    em=. LF,,LF,.}.;._2 [ 13!:12''
    em=. 'error in: ',edit,em
NB. The following line displays the result of executing the user
NB. input or an error message
wd 'set em *',,em

NB. start the input window


It does not need to be more complicated than this script shows to
create a window to interact with the user in J3

You can also take the script straight as is into the Visual part
of J3, Edit/form edit, and manipulate the form as you prefer.


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Sat, 19 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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