APL94 Posters, Software exchange and Russian Fund 
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 APL94 Posters, Software exchange and Russian Fund

                           APL94 : YOUR Conference
                       Province House, Antwerp Belgium
                            11-15 September 1994

It is still time to submit a contribution for APL94 as either a poster
or a piece of software (software exchange).

If you want your contribution to be announced and advertised at the conference
it is better to send it as soon as possible to allow us to publish it.

But you can still contribute when you arrive at the conference.

AND you do not have to be at APL94 to contribute, but we would prefer to have
you *and* your contribution :-)

Please send your contribution to the following people:


    Program Chairman:
    Alain Delmotte
    Avenue du Marathon, 6
    B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
    fax:    (32)-10-45 23 26

Software exchange

Submissions may be provided on MS-DOS disks of any format (from 360K
(5.25") to 1.44M (3.5")).

Offers should include a one-to-two page introduction to the software.
Please also indicate the hardware and interpreter your program will run.
The texts will be bundled and will be distributed to all participants of
the conference.

Offers should be sent before 31 May 1994 to:
    Michel Dumontier
    Rue de la Republique 7
    F-35580 Guichen
    tel: (33) 99-429055
    fax: (33) 99-429475

APL94 Russian Fund

Donations may be sent to:
    The APL94 Russian Fund
    c/o Madame L. Lemagnen
    174 Boulevard de Charonne
    F-75020 Paris
    tel (work): (33) (1 ) 49-455223
    fax (home): (33) (1) 43-566798



Avenue du Marathon, 6
B1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
telephone :    32-10-45 11 92
fax :              32-10-45 23 26

APL94 will be held in Antwerp, BELGIUM, 11-15 September 1994
                APL - the language and its applications

                                contact me for details

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