Manugistics APL*PLUS IIIv1.2 Press Release 
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 Manugistics APL*PLUS IIIv1.2 Press Release

I was asked by Manugistics marketing to post their latest "press release"
regarding APL*PLUS III. I agreed, but later decided to edit it somewhat
by removing a few non-essential bits.
Manugistics Releases New Version of APL*PLUS III for Windows

Version 1.2 will expand the concept of "Open APL" by allowing the user to
exploit Windows and Windows application software.

Rockville, MD, September 14, 1994 -- Manugistics, Inc. announces the release
of version 1.2 of APL*PLUS III for Windows.  A new-generation APL system,
APLPLUS III combines raw number-crunching power and analytical ability with
the flexibility of Windows into one easy-to-use package for powerful data
analysis and rapid application development.

For many years, APL has offered an all-inclusive environment, providing users
with everything necessary to build complete applications.  Today, more and
more application developers are following the "best-of-breed" strategy and
want to use and re-use different application parts to build more robust and
dependable applications.  While APL*PLUS III still offers a complete
application development environment, it also incorporates "Open APL", a
design concept introduced by Manugistics.  This allows APL*PLUS III to
easily incorporate and communicate with a wide variety of commercially
available and privately developed software packages, including 16- and 32-bit
Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), Visual Basic Custom Controls (VBXs), and
those packages accessible through Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE).

"APL's reputation as a tool for rapid application development has taken a
turn in a new and exciting direction" said Keith Enstice, Senior Vice
President of Manugistics' Personal Systems Division.  "With the vast number
of Windows products available, the exploding number of Windows users, and
APL*PLUS III's ability to use application pieces like VBXs, users will be
able to work better and work smarter, and application developers will
improve their ability to bring products to market faster than their

APL*PLUS III version 1.2 also includes enhancements to the object-oriented
Graphical User Interface Toolkit including a new object class for creating
Multiple Document Interface (MDI) applications; more control structures,
including :leave, :return, :continue and :goto; and various changes to the
Session Manager and full screen editor including syntactic coloring.

 [pricing info and additional promotional material removed]

For more information on APL*PLUS III, contact Manugistics at 1-800-592-0050,
or 301-984-5123 in Maryland.  Outside the U.S. call 01-301-984-5412.

 [trademark notice and corporate statement removed]



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