IAPL v. 1.11 QuadMC {machine code} 
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 IAPL v. 1.11 QuadMC {machine code}

       My thanks to all those who answered my questions about iAPL system
functions. Know that []HC set to 1 sends output to the printer, set to 0 to the
screen. Regrettably nobody knew what []E is for. But []MC means "machine code".
Here are some examples, each taken from a different user-written function:

   0 0 rho []FX 'DF:0:1 Take alpha ,, 11519[]MC 2 1 rho' 'alphaomega' ':omega'

   1 Drop T,0 rho 11519[]MC 1 2 1 rho 'TT', 0 rho T <-- 13 Take 100

   alpha <-- 11519[]MC 1 2 1 rho 'alphaomega'

     The English words I used to stand for APL characters are self-explanatory.
Notice that in every example the left argument of []MC is 11519. I don't recall
a single case where it was not so.
       Readers inclined to unravel the intricate logic of each expression are
invited to do so. Since this is admittedly asking a lot, I will also be happy
if someone answers the questions:   Is 11519 the address of a binary subroutine
in memory? Then what is the offset from?
         From the context in which these expressions occur, this machine-code
routine seems to facilitate APL's access to the computer hardware, disk IO
in particular. Are there other resident binary routines, referenced by []MC at
other addresses than 11519?
         Is it possible for the ordinary user to write and load his/her own
assembled routines into memory, and have them called by []MC? Remember that
this is something it is easy to do in GW-BASIC & DOS 5's QBASIC.

         After this, I don't intend to ask many more technical questions about
iAPL 1.11. Nevertheless, answers to these questions, and to the mystery of []E,
would meet with an unfeigned gratitude.

Wed, 13 Dec 1995 06:53:48 GMT  
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