Ordering IBM's APL2/PC 
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 Ordering IBM's APL2/PC

   I apologize for not sending this information sooner.

   Version 1.02 of APL2 for the IBM Personal Computer can be ordered in
North America using either of two methods.

   1) Contact your IBM representative and ask for 5799-PGG.

   2) Call IBM DIRECT at 1-800-IBM-2468.  Ask for part number 6242936.

   An additional method for ordering APL2/PC over the phone will be
available soon.  I will send more information when it becomes available.

   The price is $495 US dollars plus shipping and handling.  Volume
discounts are available.  Educational discounts on the full APL2/PC are
not available; TryAPL2 is available for free and can be used in schools.

   In Europe, the latest version of APL2/PC available there may be
ordered by contacting your authorized PC or PS/2 dealer and asking for
product number 5604-260 or part number 38F1753.

David Liebtag, IBM APL Products

Wed, 10 Aug 1994 02:38:34 GMT  
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