APL2STAT v2.0 public release 
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 APL2STAT v2.0 public release

John Fox & I have just posted version 2.00 of APL2STAT, an object-oriented  
system for statistics and graphics for IBM/PC APL2 and the freeware  
TryAPL2, to the Waterloo server,

The files are located in the /languages/apl/workspaces/apl2stat directory,
and consist of two compressed .zip archives created with pkzip 2.04c, plus  
a descriptive readme.txt file:

        a2stry20.zip - documentation, APL2 component files, etc -- files
                for either the IBM/PC APL2 or TryAPL2 version.
        a2satf20.zip - transfer form (.ATF) workspaces for IBM/PC APL2

Here is a brief description of APL2STAT from the readme.txt:

What is APL2STAT?

     APL2STAT is an integrated set of APL2 programs (functions and
operators) for statistical analysis, with an emphasis on
statistical graphics.  The programs use a simple object system and
employ a common procedure for accessing data.  Because APL2STAT is
not a statistical package, but rather is built upon a general,
extensible, interactive programming language (i.e., APL2), it is
simple to modify and supplement.

     In its current form, APL2STAT includes functions and operators
(among others) for jackknifing and bootstrapping any statistic; for
linear models estimated by least-squares with extensive
diagnostics; for linear regression analysis with autocorrelated
errors; for robust regression analysis; and for dichotomous and
polytomous logit models.  Graphical capabilities include a variety
of scatterplots, boxplots, scatterplot matrices, partial regression
and residual plots, regression influence plots, Box-Cox and Box-
Tidwell transformation constructed-variable plots, lowess
scatterplot smoothing, and multivariate graphical displays.  Points
on plots may be interactively identified, deleted, moved, and
highlighted using a pointing device (such as a mouse) or the cursor

     APL2STAT is programmed for IBM's APL2 implementation for the
IBM/PC and compatibles, and is furnished in two forms: for the
freeware TRYAPL2 interpreter and for IBM's commercial APL2


York University
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ONT  M3J 1P3 CANADA

Fri, 05 Jan 1996 22:49:30 GMT  
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