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 namespaces and packages

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 IBM has no copyright on the word "namespace" nor did it originate the
 word as used in APL contexts nor in fact did the idea originate in an
 APL context. Ron Murray in "Namespaces: Semipermeable membranes for APL
 Applications" (APL81 Conference Proceedings, pp 220-226) credits Jim
 Ryan with coining the term. At the time both were working for Data
 Resources Inc. but I believe discussions involving the concept, and
 using the word "namespace" had been going on at Burroughs when both
 worked there, and in numerous discussions at Minnowbrook conferences
 in the late 70s and early 80s. Murray points out that the concept was
 voiced long ago, in general programming contexts, by David Parnas, O.  
 J. Dahl, and C. A. R. Hoare (Structured Programming, Academic Press,

 The word "packages" did not, I believe, originate with Manugistics
 (nee STSC). The first package facility was designed and implemented at
 I. P. Sharp Associates in 1977.  

 Anyone venturing to establish priorities among APL development groups
 ought to be fully conversant with Karl Fritz Ruehr's "A Survey of
 Extensions to APL" (APL82 Conference Proceedings, pp277-314).  

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