APL employment opportunities sought 
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 APL employment opportunities sought

I have become aware of a local APL programmer who is seeking employment
opportunities that would use what he does best: APL programming.  He
worked for several years for Guardian in Bethlehem PA and has been
working with APL for other companies since then.  He is most experienced
with Manugistics APL*PLUS and APL*PLUS II.  He has considerable experience
other software as well.  APL work has been in Actuarial, Banking and
Investment software along with Automated Mill systems and Petroleum Analysis.
He is most interested in the NYC-Philadelphia-Harrisburg area.

If you know of opportunities or have advice, you can pass that along to
me or directly to him: Michael V. DeAngelo, 1185 Minesite Rd., Allentown,
PA, 18103.  Home: 215-398-3535.

Thanks for any ideas,
   Cliff Reiter

Clifford A. Reiter
Mathematics Department, Lafayette College
Easton, PA 18042 USA,   215-250-5277

Sat, 23 Dec 1995 23:07:51 GMT  
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