last call -- APL/J user survey 
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 last call -- APL/J user survey

To all users of comp.lang.apl:

!!! LAST CALL !!!

SIGAPL/ACM is surveying APL/J Users to learn how it can better
serve the needs of the APL/J community.

This survey will be widely distributed between now and October
1994.  SIGAPL wants to hear from *you*.

And, we ask you to copy and distribute this Survey even more
widely to your APL/J colleagues who might not see it here on
comp.lang.apl -- via email, fax, or paper.

Survey results will be widely published in early 1995.

=====[ cut/edit here, and distribute/publish/RETURN ]============

            SIGAPL/ACM -- APL User Survey

Please help SIGAPL/ACM by answering a few questions.  All answers
are confidential.  Use more space if needed, additional comments
are welcome.  If you get more than 1 copy of this Survey, please
respond only once.

A: What APL (or other) system do you use most in your work?
Software ________________ Hardware ________________ O/S _________

B: Are you the main user of the software you write? ___ (y/n)

C: Do you read Quote Quad regularly? ___ (y/n).
   If No, why not? __________________________________ -> Go to D:
   If Yes, how useful to you are the Quote Quad features below?
   (1=most useful;  5=least;  blank=no opinion;  ties are OK).

    Education ___      Scientific ___     New product reviews ___
     Business ___   ISO Standards ___  Other languages (eg J) ___
      Windows ___      Interviews ___      Bilingual articles ___
   Algorithms ___  Bibliographies ___  Conference Proceedings ___
            Letters to the Editor ___      Telecommunications ___
         Frequency of publication ___  Timeliness of articles ___

D: How useful to you are the sources of APL information below?
   (1=most useful;  5=least;  blank=no opinion;  ties are OK).

  Quote Quad ___  VECTOR  ___  APL BUG___  Big APL___  APL CAM___
Gimme Arrays ___  BBS\APL ___  Vendors___        comp.lang.apl___
    APL News ___  Les Nouvelles d'APL ___  the APL perspective___
Educ. Vector ___  Others/Suggestions? ___________________________

E: Have you attended a SIGAPL Conference since 1989? ___ (y/n).
If No, why not? _____________________________________ -> Go to F:
If Yes, how satisfied are you with the Conference features below?
   (1=most satisfied;  5=least;  blank=no opinion;  ties are OK).

   Location ___       Cost ___   Software Exch.___ Vendor info___
Proceedings ___  Tutorials ___ Birds of/Feather___    Program ___
    Banquet ___  Workshops ___  Poster Sessions___    Housing ___
Business/job opportunities ___  Social/Entertainment/Vacation ___
Others/Suggestions? _____________________________________________

F: How can SIGAPL better meet your needs?  Use extra space as
needed __________________________________________________________

Your State/Prov/Country? ___________________ Years using APL? ___
Your area of work (finance, education, etc.)? ___________________
Do you belong to SIGAPL?___; ACM?___; a local APL user group? ___

703-528-7617 (USA); or mail to 3802 N. Richmond St.  Arlington
VA 22207 USA.  SIGAPL/ACM thanks you!                  (c.l.a)

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