Announce: ICFP programming contest 
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 Announce: ICFP programming contest

We are pleased to announce:

                         The Fourth Annual

                     ICFP PROGRAMMING CONTEST

                         July 26-29, 2001


Convinced your favorite programming language provides unbeatable
productivity?  Convinced you and your friends are world-class programmers?

If so, we're providing you the opportunity to prove it! We are pleased
to announce the Fourth Annual ICFP Programming Contest to be held in
conjunction with the 2001 International Conference on Functional
Programming (ICFP 2001). All programmers are invited to enter the
contest, either individually or in teams; we especially encourage
students to enter.  You may use any programming language (or
combination of languages) to show your skill.

On Thursday, July 26, 2001 at 15:00 UTC, we will publish a challenge
task on the Web site and by e-mail to registered participants.  Teams
will have until Sunday, 29 July 2001, 15:00 UTC (72 hours) to
implement a program to perform this task and submit it to the contest
judges.  We've designed the contest for direct, head-to-head
comparison of language technology and programming skill.  We have a
range of prizes for the winners: cash awards, special student prizes,
and, of course, unlimited bragging rights.

For more information about the contest, prizes, and registration,
point your browser to:


For more information about ICFP 2001, see:


Damien Doligez, Luc Maranget, Pierre Weis

Sat, 20 Dec 2003 23:37:49 GMT  
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