APL BUG Meeting, 8APR96 
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 APL BUG Meeting, 8APR96

APL BUG Meeting
Monday, April 8,  7 p.m.
Location:  Allstate Research Center, 321 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park,

Mapping a Genome with APL
Bill Chang

The fission yeast is an important organism for the study of
cancer because it reproduces by cell division and not by
budding like the common yeast.  In 1991-92 a group led by
David Beach completed a physical mapping of this organism,
namely subdivided its genome into several thousand ordered
fragments.  This mapping was completed in record time in
large part because laboratory work was guided by rigorous
and concurrent data analysis done in APL.  This talk will
describe both the analytical task and general issues related
to the Human Genome Project.

Bill Chang has worked around APL since 1984 when he was a
summer student of Trenchard More.  He did the work mapping
the fission-yeast genome at the Cold Spring Harbor
Laboratory, a world-renowned nonprofit biology research lab
in New York.  In November 1995 he returned to the Bay Area
to build a new Internet search engine for Infoseek.

Dr. Chang is familiar to many APL BUG members through his
contributions to the comp.lang.apl newsgroup on the USENET.
As a lover of APL, Bill strongly believes that an ASCII
rendition of APL can be visually simple and beautiful, and
that APL glyphs can coexist with modern computing.  To these
ends, Bill has created APL! ("APL bang") and proposed a
standard encoding of APL glyphs for the Internet (e-mail,
netnews, and Web) that is being considered by the British
APL Association.  He has software to turn a Mac, PC, or Sun
workstation into a genuine APL machine where one can read
and write APL glyphs from inside most applications.  He is
seeking volunteers to help finish these projects.


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