Memory Available under APLSE 
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 Memory Available under APLSE

I'm working on releasing some RF/Microwave CAD software written in APL.  
It was originally done in APL*PLUS/PC Ver. 11, but to make it as widely
usable as possible (and maybe hook some more people on APL), I'm trying
to get it all working under APLSE.  This is APL2000's unsupported
freeware APL, which is based on APL*PLUS/PC Ver. 10.

It all seems to run OK, but some of the help variables are so large that
you can't read them in the editor.  I get an 'object too large for
session manager' message.  The variables aren't all that large, but APLSE
seems to be set up so that it requires a lot of overhead.  #WA is only
showing 265K.  I haven't checked lately, but I should be running with
around 600K of free memory by using QEMM to park all of my drivers in
high memory.  As far as I know, APLSE doesn't support the 'virtual
workspace' mode of operation to get more space.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?


Doug White

Tue, 15 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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