Sharp APL (really SAPL and APL2 arrays) 
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 Sharp APL (really SAPL and APL2 arrays)

 I hope someone else gives you a definite reference. I'll just briefly mention
that Trenchard Moore proved to his own satisfaction (and to the satisfaction of
everyone else who cared to look into his proof) that the two schemes are
fundamentally equivalent, ie there are no important differences on any deep
levels. This was before anyone implemented either scheme.

 Our enclose (which many people call box) and the STSC/NARS definition (adopted
by APL2) differ primarily in that APL2 says that enclose of a scalar returns
the scalar unchanged, while we (Sharp) say that the enclose of any object is a
new, different, object. There are many differences in the two systems, some of
which are tracable to this distinction (the different definition of reduction,
for example, is inextricably mixed up with this issue), and some of which are
not (the pervasion of functions into the depths of APL2 arrays has absolutely
nothing to do with the definition of enclose, regardless of what some APL2
supporters might suggest). APL2's extended use of strand notation is another
place where Sharp APL seems significantly different, but again the reason has
nothing to do with the choice of enclose axiom system.

 You didn't say why you asked your question, so I don't know if this is any
help; I hope it's of *some* use../Leigh

It's only work if somebody makes you do it    .../Calvin

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