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In a recent article Homer Smith made some remarks about the status of
IBM's APL2/PC article that we feel obliged to comment on.

The APL2/PC product is our current product for the DOS operating
system.  It is still supported and receiving development attention.

The APL2/PC product was originally developed by personnel at the IBM
Winchester and Madrid Scientific Centers.  As part of our ongoing
efforts to provide better support for our entire product line, we
consolidated the APL development groups.  Development of the APL2
products for CMS, TSO, DOS, RS/6000, and the new products for the OS/2
and SUN operating systems all now report to the same management team
at the Santa Teresa Laboratory in San Jose California.

Most of our development efforts this year have been devoted to a new
interpreter and peripheral processors for our new family of
workstation products.  These include a new release of the APL2 for
6000 product and new products for OS/2 and Sun Solaris.  We will be
demonstrating these products at APL93 next week.

Although the APL2/PC product has not received a large amount of
development efforts this year, we have made some progress on
interpreter improvements which are currently in internal use within
IBM.  We hope to expand our efforts on the DOS product next year.

Also, the APL2/PC product will coexist with some memory managers.
Most notably, it works with OS/2's memory manager.

We welcome constructive criticisms and comments on all our products.
Please continue to inform us of any and all problems you are having.

We hope to see you all at APL93!

David Liebtag
IBM APL Products and Services

PS.  Almost all of us are leaving for APL93 in the next couple
of days so we'll be unavailable (except for in Toronto) to
respond to any questions or comments until after the conference.

Sun, 28 Jan 1996 08:12:14 GMT  
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