ASCII support in APL 
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 ASCII support in APL

        > Even though the problems that you mention are real, they are minor relative

> to the advantages of APL. In fact,  I strongly and firmly  believe that the
> APL special symbols constitute a significant advantage.

I do not think that anyone familiar with APL would disagree with you
that when you have a well working system that it is an advantage.

> So, I do not mind
> if there are some problems with the special symbols, despite the fact that
> the rest of the world is ASCII, because I can do my work quite efficiently
> with APL

That is a very selfish attitude because even if you have a working system
the problem the rest of the world is having is making APL close to useless.

> (and, as far as I am concerned, programming in APL is great
> experience).

You will not get anyone who has successfully used APL to disagree on that point.

> Problems 1 and 2 can be dealt with quite adequately by using
> the type of software developed by J. Weigang. Ok, the process may be
> tedious, but it works fine. Regarding problem 2. Is it essential to use
> "our favorite text editor" while the existing APL versions do have good
> editors?

Yes it is absolutely necessary if you are ever going to get some spread of APL

> It might be desirable, but not absolutely fundamental.

That is where you are soooo wrong.

It IS absolutely fundamental.

If you can not get APL out to the masses. Then there will not be very
much money coming into the pockets of those creating APLs or utilities
and then as a result of this lack of money you will not have very many
people working on it and consequently not very much development
and as a result you get a very tiny group of users.

On the other hand you get a system like J where you have all the power
of APL. You have no problems with editors. You have no problems with
installing the product in any of the environments it is running in. And you
see a very healthy growth in the number of users. And the most important
factor is the absence of APL characters.

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