APL PLUS II V5.2 Graphic Init 
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 APL PLUS II V5.2 Graphic Init

Not really the answer to your question:

I only vaguely remember that i used something called GSS*CGI (Graphics
Software Systems*Computer Graphics Interface) on the old APL+'s. I think it
did support higher resolutions. But i can't tell if it was supported in the
32-bit APL, and i also remember having read at some point a GSS statement of
"no longer supporting the product". The product was put into companion with
APL on STSC's (later Manugistics) initiative (i.e. not mine), and it run
quite smoothly. It required the load of a transient memory driver prior to
starting APL. Then it was accessed through some memory addressing trick.

Can't tell about the G-style graphics - Sorry. But you could access the
Windows API through the Agent, couldn't you?
/ Tomas

Original V5.2 of APLPLUSII could only initialize up to 800x600 screens with
quad-GINIT. Is there a work-around available to allow initialization of
1024x768 graphic screen that also allows use of other quad-G... commands?

Mon, 08 Nov 2004 15:05:59 GMT  
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