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 A Simple Question

On Jim Weigang's web site ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~jimw/Welcome.html) there are
some aids for passing APL code back and forth among APL users because of the
lack symbol reproduction in the internet. These aids consist of several APL
workspaces that convert APL code to an ASCII representation and vice versa
when you want to receive the code from someone. You may select from several
workspaces depending on which APL you are using. Using these tools, thanks
to Jim, we can send lots of code to each other. In the mean time, if you
like, give me your mailing address and I will send you several solutions to
your question.


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Sent: lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2001 10:24
Subject: RE: What is APL\11 (A Simple Question)

> Yes, the APL\11 for Unix, and tryapl2 from IBM.

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> Sent: Monday, December 17, 2001 5:13 PM

> Subject: Fw: What is APL\11 (A Simple Question)

> Deng,

> Are you using APL\11 for Unix and APL2 from IBM?

> /Fred

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> Sent: lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2001 2:40
> Subject: Re: What is APL\11 (A Simple Question)

> >         Well, first I'm the gentlemen ask the A simple Question,
> >         I have to clearify that no one ask me to do some APL job,
> I
> > have no experence.
> >         I learn APL by myself in China, what I have, is the A
> > Language borrowed
> > from national lib, tryapl2, and apl11.  I learn APL just because I love
> it.
> >         Though China isn't  a rich country, I think I would pay for a
> > commerical version If I can earn
> > money with it.
> >         I don't like J as APL, because I just like APL's symbol :)

> > Deng Hao
> > LudiGame, China

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> > Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2001 7:04 PM

> > Subject: Re: What is APL\11 (A Simple Question)

> > >[snip]

> > >> I referred him some time ago to Jim Weigang's web site and to some of
> the
> > >> recent post in this very newsgroup for help. His friends, clients or
> > >> associates keep asking the same questions. I don't mind helping but I
> > think
> > >> someone is pulling a fast one.

> > >> Fred

> > >What, in God's name, is `a fast one' in this context?

> > I read that as they want something for nothing. Someone has quoted them
> > a price for some work they want done, and they are trying to get someone
> > else to do it for them for free by asking on the newsgroup.
> > --
> > John Sullivan

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