Freeware Dyalog APL WSS for OO/APL and software management 
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 Freeware Dyalog APL WSS for OO/APL and software management

I'm pleased to announce two free APL software packages running
under Dyalog APL:

- OO/APL, an object-oriented layer implemented in APL on top of
  Dyalog APL. OO/APL provides most of the standard features of an
  object-oriented programming language, such as multiple
  inheritance and encapsulation of messages and attributes; plus
  persistence and interactive class manipulations.

- Manage, an APL software repository allowing to maintain APL
  objects in modules, with full control over test and production
  versions and history of each module, in both single user and
  multi user environments. Manage is available for Dyalog APL/W,
  but should be easily portable to other Dyalog APL


Both packages are available as copyrighted freeware from Reuters.
Users are bound to a contract, which is included with both
packages, and may not be removed. Both packages are supplied
"as-is", with no warranty expressed or implied. Reuters does not
service or support the software.

The packages are available from these sources, in ZIP format:

- Anonymous FTP from Directory
  languages/apl/workspaces, files and

  The Waterloo FTP server can also be accessed by E-Mail

- APL\BBS bulletin board system in Arlington, VA, USA.
  Tel USA-703-528-7617, N-8-1, V.32bis.

The software is not directly distributed by Reuters.

Martin Gfeller, Reuters, Financial Applications Development Group

Phone [+41 1] 251 23 00; Fax [+41 1] 262 17 92

Sun, 28 Jul 1996 08:09:57 GMT  
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