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 Mask Edit VBX

I'm looking for a mask edit VBX that can be called from APL*PLUS III, i.e. is
a version 1 VBX. Specifically, it will be used to create a date entry field.

The only mask edit VBX's I have been able to find are version 3 for Visual

Any help appreciated.


Mon, 26 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Mask Edit VBX

     I am not completely sure what you are trying to do but you may find
     the following  information useful.

     I have used HighEdit 3.0 with APL PLUS III. It supports fields that
     you can change under program control. Hence this can be used to mail
     merge. It provides different fonts and colors within the same
     document. Documents may be saved in proprietary .HED, .RTF or ascii
     format. If documents are stored as ascii all formatting is lost. I
     have also had Bitmaps in the documents. The toolbar does not work but
     you can define a filter and trap relevent events and use SendMessage
     API call. (Dyalog APL 7.1 cannot initialize HighEdit 3.0)

     Another Editing VBX is Visual Writer from Visual tools. I don't know
     much about this.

     You can get HighEdit from Pinnacle Publishing (1-800-788-1900).

     Neeraj Gupta

Tue, 27 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Mask Edit VBX

I've come across a shareware VBX control pack consisting of 15
controls which includes a formatted edit control as well as extended
list boxes, combo boxes, gauges, and many more.  The control pack
goes by the name VBX Studio 1.2 and is VB 1.0 and VC++ compatable.

As to obtaining it, you have several options.  You might be able to
find it in the shareware forums on some of the online services under
the name VBXSTD12.ZIP or VBXSTD12.EXE.  If you don't have any luck
there, you can download it from Manugistics' BBS at 301-984-5222.  It
is called VBXSTD12.ZIP.

Hope that helps!


John Walker

Sat, 31 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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