APL95 Prelim Pgm and Invitation 
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 APL95 Prelim Pgm and Invitation

The Preliminary Program and Invitation for APL95 is in the mail to
about 3,000 APL users.  We (the APL95 organizers) expect to have an
ASCII version available for FTP and for Web browsing pretty soon --
someone will announce here when these appear.

We are mailing First Class, so we expect delivery to US addresses
within about a week.  If you don't get one in the mail and you
want a printed copy (for instance, to show your boss all the nifty
professional development opportunities -- there's an order of
magnitude more here's-how-to-do-X stuff than we've ever offered
before), you can request one from

        Melissa Dalton
        APL95 Conference Manager
        CM Planners
        3700 Forums, Suite 201
        Flower Mound, TX   75028

        Tel:  +1 214 539 8298
        Fax:  +1 214 539 2850

Please allow until, say, Friday March 17 before calling.  This
_should_ be enough time for the USPS to get your copy to you (if
we have you on our mailing list).

Two points I'd like to make:

        this conference is a good bit less expensive than other
        recent APL conferences, $335 (US) for early registration
        for members of ACM, ACM SIGAPL (or both), $435 for non-

        there's a join-and-come option on the registration form,
        and joining ACM SIGAPL costs $55, which is less than the
        price difference for non-member attendance _and_ will get
        you a year of Quote Quad (now appearing on schedule thanks
        to the ongoing efforts of Ray Polivka and Jon McGrew)

Last but not least ... the conference is called "APL95" but there
will plenty to see and do if your interests are in J rather than
traditional APLs.


Thu, 28 Aug 1997 05:03:04 GMT  
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